Friday, 30 December 2011

UFO and Resolutions

I dont really buy into the whole new year thing - it isn't my bag.  However, I am on board the train when it comes to goal setting, this time I am going for achievable aims.  Here goes:-
Been hearing alot about UFO's in the craft world recently and I am reliably informed that these are 'UnFinished Objects' and I got to thinking that I have one or two of these, plus a couple of USP's 'UnStarted Projects' (those are the ones I have planned to do and never even started).  Ok I'm dragging my feet writing this rather than JUST GETTING ON WITH IT - how irritating - here is a quick list of UFO's and then off I go to finish a bunting, stack the dishwasher, load the washing machine, food shop and walk the dog, before getting on with project No. 1:

1.  Rag rug - I've chopped the material into strips, I have nicked some hessian from my sister, I have the bodger, I have seen a design I like - I have never done this before in my life........what was I thinking!?!

here is progress so far
I plan to have this finished by the end of next year (I know that's ages but I am being realistic, get off my case!)

2.  Paint a castle on my littlest petals bedroom wall - as I promised and as she has been telling lots of people I am going to do. (I give myself a month for this - as we are also still finishing eldest petals room and he will have to crash in her room for a day or three whilst carpets are laid etc)

3.  Finish eldest petals room (before Feb half term hols)

4.  Lastly - push push push the vets to fix my puppy who is still having tummy troubles, then we shall be able to lose the crate and give her free roam in the kitchen ........ I hope.

Not a massive list, all perfectly achieveable, wouldn't you say?!

Just to make me feel better here is something I did finally finish which had been bugging me for months, I promised to make my friends littlest a bunting for his room back in October, chequered flag style as he has a car themed room, it was a just a single layer thing sewn onto bias binding, nice and simple as I haven't done much sewing, anyhoo finished and delivered last week, here are a couple of pics, I'm fairly happy for a total novice.

Sorry not the best pics as I took them at night.

That's all for now better go and get started.


Monday, 28 November 2011

Sales and such like

Just a quick update to say we are in the Park again on Sunday, that is:
The Coach House
next to Cafe Ambio
in Astley Park

4 December 2011, 10am – 4pm (indoors, free entry)

2 floors full of lovely handmade gifts from Chorley Contemporary Crafters just waiting for you.  Anything you order from us (Paint Pots & Petals) is guaranteed to be ready in time for Christmas.

I think I’ve mentioned everything, please come along and see us.  Xxxxx

The following weekend the Petals are going to stay with Mummy Cupcake for the weekend –

Mummy Cupcake and Friends Christmas Shop can be found in the studio opposite the park cafe within Worden Park, Leyland.   She will be flinging open her door on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December, 10am - 3pm.  You will also be able to find one or two other members of Chorley Contemporary Crafters displaying and selling their work. 

So get you park going pumps on and come and have a look around and perhaps purchase a few unique Xmas gifts whilst there.

Nik x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Life -

It's all about the spin you put on it. I'm not trying to be profound, honest, but it's 1pm on a Saturday and I've only just stepped out of the shower. There's that nagging voice telling me I've wasted the morning (not Mr Petal). My sister tells me this voice is our 'achiever' speaking which pushes us too hard...unless we rebel.

So, here is my list of achievements this morning:-

ü  Had a lie in and a cuddle with my boy who woke feeling sick this morning.
ü  Made children brekkie, then took mine back to bed and updated PP&P accounts log (not a big undertaking).
ü  Had another little snooze
ü  Searched for my keys (a daily activity)
ü  Walked the dog (she’ll need another now of course)
ü  Had a second cup of tea and a biscuit (ok 3 biscuits)
ü  Had a quick chat with a friend on facebook and uploaded a few more PP&P pics
ü  Rang local bus interchange manager about advertising
ü  Debated with my daughter about the benefits of grapes over sweets (she ate both in the end so that’s 2 achievement ticks to her)
ü  Decided I needed new PJ’s especially if I plan to walk the dog in them
ü  Switched the washing machine on – must hang it all out soon I suppose.

And now I’m going to nurse my teensy hangover (more a lack of stamina than an excess of wine) with a lovely bowl of tomato soup and squishy bread.

All in all not a bad mornings work!


A few of our new additions to get me motivated
and in case you want a nosey and don't wish to access facebook

Friday, 28 October 2011

Tablecloths and Tiaras....

Or rather hats. We went on a crafty day out with Chorley Contemporary Crafters ( ).  We visited the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair and I met a Milliner for the very first time in my life, an actual real life Milliner I suppose they do exist but you never see them when browsing the hat section at Debenhams. She was a lovely lady wearing one of her own fabulous creations and selling for herself.
She was keen to have us try on several of her creations including one very reminiscent of SJP in the first SATC film with the ‘actual’ bird on her head. Though I never did check if it was a real of fake bird. K and I of course suited every single one we tried. Down to skill of the hats?....probably.

There was a lovely girl who made ribbon necklaces, of which our group bought several (link to follow), a stall filled with stunningly lovely teasets with an Alice in Wonderland inspired design, my favourite . 

Plus another gorgeous stall of ceramics/pottery run by two girls who had arrived that morning with a full welsh dresser in tow.
click on pic and you can read the text
And a fabulously funny set of canvases displaying wire worker bees with a corporate twist, both K and I had visited this room separately but apparently fixed upon all the same things.

Making these ceramic boats and huts is apparently a dangerous sport,
including burning sawdust and molten copper.

Lastly the ladies who knit, beautiful modern scarves and shawls, K tried a few which looked great but unintentionally insulted them by likening one particular scarf to a tablecloth her gran owned....oops.  Of course she meant it as a compliment, it had a timeless vintage look, with lacy pattern knitted in a gorgeous delicate pale green wool and was the one that actually suited K the best.  They were still kind enough to pose for a picture, unfortunately we didn’t get one of the scarf due to our acute embarrassment.
Next we visited Manchester Craft and Design Centre (

There is a gorgeous cafe slap bang in the middle of the action, a really calm comfortable atmosphere, tonnes of light flooding in from the glass roof above, varying style shops/studios over two floors all packed with handmade loveliness and  it is just the most green eyed monster inducing place ever.  Being a lover of quirky facades dating back to a youthful visit to Port Meirion (from which I now own a lovely set of cups and saucers) and cute crafty shops, I felt this place ticked every box on my ‘to be coveted’ list.  It was a cross between the crafty  atmosphere of Heskin Hall in Eccleston Lancashire and the lovely facade style of the New Orleans link to the food court in the Trafford Centre.  

Oops everyone sat waiting for us to move onto Fred Aldous
(if I'd had any cash with me I'd have happily stayed here all afternoon,
perhaps I'll return next month or in December when it will be all decked out with baubles etc.)
Right off to dream my dreams.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dolly Daydream

K arranged our stall this time and I wasn’t allowed to see it until Sunday. V.exciting.  I knew the basics and had received a text earlier in the week to say she was dressing up as a doll and I was free to do likewise!  Luckily I had just the outfit ... as you do.
So eyeliner and out of date facepaint in-situ and off I tripped on Sunday morning to see our lovely stall, and lovely it was too don’t you think.
'What do you see?
You people gazing at me.
You see a doll on a music box that's wound by a key'  
(if only I knew how to add background music to our blog)

The winner of our theme competition was Lesley McGuire x

Several children asked was this my real hair as they coloured in dolls house pics and stuck pumpkins and bats to cards on the free craft table.  More to come next time (4 December, same time, same place).

The Coach House is a lovely canvas for our stalls and this time we were in the upper room which although a bit more of an effort for visitors to get to (via lift or spiral stairs) it is a gorgeous room and I feel more photogenic than the colder white walls downstairs. I could live very happily in a place like this (contented sigh). Anyway here are a few shots from the day, including my favourite stall which had to be Helen Pickup’s with her vibrant and eye catching items.

For more pics check out Chorley Contemporary Crafters blog, where there are also links to many of our stalls own websites.
One last thing before I go – I am pondering whether to buy littlest petal a dress in one of these fabrics but cannot decide, any thoughts?

With that I leave you with this link

Friday, 2 September 2011

Team Theme

Ok so we have a craft fair fast approaching 9 October, The Coach House, in Astley Park, Chorley.
At the last two fairs we have had a theme for our stall, first we did a beach theme with buckets, sponges, shells and driftwood (click to see), next we had the tea party theme (click to see) now we need a new theme – I have the December theme planned but we need something for 9 October, this is where you come in, on facebook we have asked for suggestions (click on the FB icon to the left to have a look what ideas we’ve received so far) and I am asking the same here.

Any ideas for a theme we could use on our next stall?   
Please leave a comment – either here or on facebook. 

We are giving away a set of our pretty picture pegs for the best idea. Obviously we will add twine and package them nicely before you receive them, but these are the only piccy's I have.


Friday, 26 August 2011


Ok it's official, I am in skive mode.  Why?... because I have two buntings to paint and am feeling a bit lazy, I also want to make some fused plastic bunting – as taught by my talented friend Charlotte click to see her blog.  I also have a pup to walk, a bike to test and my hair to .... well I should do something with it even flatten with my palms would be an improvement so far.  I also  want to make a fruity flapjack ready for our outing on Friday.  Then there is the daily hovering, I took a photo but it was too disgusting to post – and I only missed ONE day of hoovering – where does all the dog hair come from – she is brushed and nothing then she runs back inside and voom it’s like black tumbleweed scooting around the downstairs floors, suffice to say she is not, and never will be, allowed upstairs.  Containment, that’s the answer.

All the above I have been putting off for several days now (except the hoovering), and what am I doing – writing a blog entry! I’ll be back at work soon and then I’ll be sorry.
On a nice note – here is a pic of my latests two creations , crafts I learned at Chorley Contemporary Crafters (blog) monthly meet ups.

Felt phone sock - it's all one moulded piece, then you cut an opening in top.  Oh and add buttons too.
Dragonfly mirror - not quite finished yet, though Mr Petal thinks it looks good with some wood showing so I may just grout it and stop there.
Since writing the above I got all motivated, chucked my hair up into a ponytail, stuck on my son’s old helmet,  plonked on my scruffy pumps with a sundress (it was a confident look!) and headed out of the door for a bike ride test.  Next straight back out with the dog and then back for a hoover – this morning? We are back at tumble weed status!!!!  Oh bunting almost finished (it’s a present so I can’t post a pic yet until its delivered).

Also K been busy and has added a new album to our facebook page with just a couple of pics of our beautiful buntings in their new homes. Go and check it out (don't think you need to be on facebook to see click here)
Right children to play with, a poorly pup to look after and another bunting to start.


Friday, 12 August 2011

Negative Nikki

I’ve been having a look back through my blogs and felt it was time for a bit of Paint Pots and Petals. Not much of our work in here so this blog is dedicated to the recent loveliness of our painted buntings and door hangers.

Lately, I feel our skills have improved
and I’m really proud of the quality of the work we are producing.  I have the personality type that tends to lean towards the negative and maybe this comes across at the stalls as K completely believes in us and the items we sell, she is so positive and people warm to that.
Me? I see my imperfect drawing skills, that bit where it doesn't quite look how it did in my head.  However, the majority of orders are through word of mouth, so I reckon all our customers believe in us. Possibly more than I do. Oops!  

Anyway, the other evening I was so chuffed when I dropped off a bunting (left) I’d done as a present for my neighbours new baby daughter yet still in the back of my mind was “will she really like it?” However, the very next morning she popped round and order a bunting for a friend.  The next day when I told K she said simply “yes we get that a lot”. 
This week all I have painted are repeat orders. So, I have decided, no more negative thoughts, listen to what others think and believe them they are NOT ‘just being kind’!!  I have taken a step back and had a proper look at what we've done recently and thought I would share a few pics of them with you.

this was a tough one to paint, but I'm pleased with how beautiful it looks
the pegs idea - we attached twine and voila a handy and v.pretty way to display your child's pictures

A jungle theme which took some thought but K really came up trumps with this one I loved the snakes as letters idea and the bright bold colours.

A present for a friend based on a mixture of previous buntings.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

An Idyllic Life

It's Sunday afternoon, the kettle is boiling and while I wait I take a moment to look out into my garden.  It’s a view to warm the heart.  For a start, it isn’t raining – always a pleasant image.  The McDonalds we ate for lunch has been cleared (and the guilt cleared along with it).  Now Grandma and Nani are sat at the patio table, two small children (well smallish) are running around the lawn laughing and shouting, following at their heels is a very cute puppy who trips and stumbles in her excitement and attempts to keep up.  Grandad and Dad are stood admiring today’s handiwork (hubby is currently building a playhouse, not assembling, building - from scratch, as is his preference).  The garden is lush but not over-run with plants, in fact it is now looking established and well finished.  I really have married a very handy man. 
When the playhouse is complete I shall post pics but for now I am here feeling... oh what’s that elusive word?? Oh yes ‘contented’.
Bye for now.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Terrible Trouble with Teapots

Ah, now I get it - that's how a teapot collection starts......

I bought a teapot – I’ve wanted one for a while. It’s a lovely teapot, not too fussy, not to plain, very classy. What do you think?

It was £3.50 from a local charity shop, including milk jug and sugar bowl.

I plan to have friends over for afternoon teas in the summer. Now, I know so far this is not a collection, and nor do I want it to become one (to anyone who knows me please read that bit again, it's important to note)! However, this is the point; I drink Earl Grey, as do two of my friends, but another friend doesn't like "that rubbish" she's a Tetley girl all the way. Well, I can't use the teapot to serve everyone else and plonk her tea down in a mug!

No, it's no good I'll have to get a pot for ordinary tea.

I know my sister would love to visit for proper afternoon tea, she drinks some herbal concoction.  Hmm, no one else drinks that, I suppose I should find a little one person sized teapot for my sis.

If you have been counting, I’m up to 3 teapots in varying sizes. 

I had a friend over the other day to test the first pot – she found my story very entertaining and plans to buy me a present ..... Oh no, that would make 4.  There’s no space in the cupboard so they will have to be out on display, before you know it I’ll be regularly receiving them as gifts. 

Next year there I am unwrapping a beautiful parcel, and inside?  Yep a quirky, cottage shaped, only for decorative purposes, TEAPOT to add to my collection!!

Oh dear, must take care, I still only have one for the moment.

Now I just need some lovely cups and saucers to serve the tea in, so I am cruising the charity shops again - I'm looking for a mishmash of styles and patterns so everyone who comes for tea has their own unique cuppa.  Eek is this another collection in the making?