Friday, 28 October 2011

Tablecloths and Tiaras....

Or rather hats. We went on a crafty day out with Chorley Contemporary Crafters ( ).  We visited the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair and I met a Milliner for the very first time in my life, an actual real life Milliner I suppose they do exist but you never see them when browsing the hat section at Debenhams. She was a lovely lady wearing one of her own fabulous creations and selling for herself.
She was keen to have us try on several of her creations including one very reminiscent of SJP in the first SATC film with the ‘actual’ bird on her head. Though I never did check if it was a real of fake bird. K and I of course suited every single one we tried. Down to skill of the hats?....probably.

There was a lovely girl who made ribbon necklaces, of which our group bought several (link to follow), a stall filled with stunningly lovely teasets with an Alice in Wonderland inspired design, my favourite . 

Plus another gorgeous stall of ceramics/pottery run by two girls who had arrived that morning with a full welsh dresser in tow.
click on pic and you can read the text
And a fabulously funny set of canvases displaying wire worker bees with a corporate twist, both K and I had visited this room separately but apparently fixed upon all the same things.

Making these ceramic boats and huts is apparently a dangerous sport,
including burning sawdust and molten copper.

Lastly the ladies who knit, beautiful modern scarves and shawls, K tried a few which looked great but unintentionally insulted them by likening one particular scarf to a tablecloth her gran owned....oops.  Of course she meant it as a compliment, it had a timeless vintage look, with lacy pattern knitted in a gorgeous delicate pale green wool and was the one that actually suited K the best.  They were still kind enough to pose for a picture, unfortunately we didn’t get one of the scarf due to our acute embarrassment.
Next we visited Manchester Craft and Design Centre (

There is a gorgeous cafe slap bang in the middle of the action, a really calm comfortable atmosphere, tonnes of light flooding in from the glass roof above, varying style shops/studios over two floors all packed with handmade loveliness and  it is just the most green eyed monster inducing place ever.  Being a lover of quirky facades dating back to a youthful visit to Port Meirion (from which I now own a lovely set of cups and saucers) and cute crafty shops, I felt this place ticked every box on my ‘to be coveted’ list.  It was a cross between the crafty  atmosphere of Heskin Hall in Eccleston Lancashire and the lovely facade style of the New Orleans link to the food court in the Trafford Centre.  

Oops everyone sat waiting for us to move onto Fred Aldous
(if I'd had any cash with me I'd have happily stayed here all afternoon,
perhaps I'll return next month or in December when it will be all decked out with baubles etc.)
Right off to dream my dreams.

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