Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Terrible Trouble with Teapots

Ah, now I get it - that's how a teapot collection starts......

I bought a teapot – I’ve wanted one for a while. It’s a lovely teapot, not too fussy, not to plain, very classy. What do you think?

It was £3.50 from a local charity shop, including milk jug and sugar bowl.

I plan to have friends over for afternoon teas in the summer. Now, I know so far this is not a collection, and nor do I want it to become one (to anyone who knows me please read that bit again, it's important to note)! However, this is the point; I drink Earl Grey, as do two of my friends, but another friend doesn't like "that rubbish" she's a Tetley girl all the way. Well, I can't use the teapot to serve everyone else and plonk her tea down in a mug!

No, it's no good I'll have to get a pot for ordinary tea.

I know my sister would love to visit for proper afternoon tea, she drinks some herbal concoction.  Hmm, no one else drinks that, I suppose I should find a little one person sized teapot for my sis.

If you have been counting, I’m up to 3 teapots in varying sizes. 

I had a friend over the other day to test the first pot – she found my story very entertaining and plans to buy me a present ..... Oh no, that would make 4.  There’s no space in the cupboard so they will have to be out on display, before you know it I’ll be regularly receiving them as gifts. 

Next year there I am unwrapping a beautiful parcel, and inside?  Yep a quirky, cottage shaped, only for decorative purposes, TEAPOT to add to my collection!!

Oh dear, must take care, I still only have one for the moment.

Now I just need some lovely cups and saucers to serve the tea in, so I am cruising the charity shops again - I'm looking for a mishmash of styles and patterns so everyone who comes for tea has their own unique cuppa.  Eek is this another collection in the making?


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nikki's Best Bits

I was reading Thrifty Mrs blog who set a challenge to focus on the good stuff and our achievements so far this year.  19 days and counting to add it to the linky, so in the spirit of 'do it today or later you'll pay' (homework book from Hermione, I know far to much Potter detail) here are my best bits so far. (in no particular order other than the order they occur to me).

  • Took little Petals to London (first time ever)
  • found a puppy
  • do-cluttered our house to within an inch of its life (still ongoing - 3 more problem areas to tackle)
  • Did a tax return and a partnership tax return (ok so had help with the 2nd one, and lost 2 days of my life to it, unneccesarily)
  • Helped organise a very successful school summer fair.
  • Learned my 8 x tables (whilst helping eldest Petal)
  • Used a sewing machine with some success
  • minuted a meeting using a laptop and actually enjoyed it
That's it, maybe its nothing earth moving I havent run 10k or saved a life, but I'm content with the little stuff.