Friday, 2 September 2011

Team Theme

Ok so we have a craft fair fast approaching 9 October, The Coach House, in Astley Park, Chorley.
At the last two fairs we have had a theme for our stall, first we did a beach theme with buckets, sponges, shells and driftwood (click to see), next we had the tea party theme (click to see) now we need a new theme – I have the December theme planned but we need something for 9 October, this is where you come in, on facebook we have asked for suggestions (click on the FB icon to the left to have a look what ideas we’ve received so far) and I am asking the same here.

Any ideas for a theme we could use on our next stall?   
Please leave a comment – either here or on facebook. 

We are giving away a set of our pretty picture pegs for the best idea. Obviously we will add twine and package them nicely before you receive them, but these are the only piccy's I have.