Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

The Petals braved the rain and it wasn’t so bad early on as we set up the stall, but as the day went on it just got worse and worse, sadly the entire park had packed up by 4pm.  
Me and the Little Petals picnicked under a large tree outside Astley Hall with candy floss for afters, as far as odd locations for a picnic this still doesn’t beat the cave in Cornwall, with large seagulls hovering at the ‘door’, but it’s a close 2nd.

 I spent rather a lot on Sunday (oopsey) got a lovely bag by 'While Charlie Sleeps' and a cute bookmark by Ellen S
I have needed to padlock my purse to prevent this from happening again today when we visit the Creative Stitch and Craft Show in Aintree. (clickety click) Can’t wait, I finally got together with my mum on Wednesday for my first sewing lesson which was very timely so I now have a list of needs rather than rash spending (more on this next blog). x

Anyhoo I promised a pic of our stall, (GET ON WITH IT!!), took it early before we made it all untidy (as we always do). 

K has given me a theme challenge for the stall on 5 June, so my head is currently whirring with possibilities, think I might insist we dress up to fit the theme just to repay the challenge (tee hee). Watch this space there will be pics.


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