Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sticks and Stalls

I’d rather like to be creative with every stall this year, make each one fresh and unique.  Of course you have to have to keep the basics, for us it’s the board we use to display our lovely buntings, however this time even that is changing.  It feels a bit like redecorating.

K and I both love a bargain and we obviously can’t spend too much on props, this really brings out my creative side and I reckon putting a stall together out of nothing is one of my favourite parts of our little business.   If you saw my last but one blog I had tried a tea-party theme but although it was pretty it was just a bit confusing what was actually for sale. I also thought of a picnic as we will be at a picnic on a grand scale, but this idea was rudely interrupted by another inspiration....

Now I don’t want to spoil it for those of you planning to visit us this Sunday (in a marquee on the large football pitches, down towards the Duck Pond in  Astley Park, Chorley 10.30am – 5pm), but my inspiration came from a fabulous stick that my son found last week when we visited my lovely sis.  The sea had taken the trouble to polish it up for us (so kind), and I was given strict instructions NOT to paint it or change it in anyway (it is only on loan you see), and with that an idea formed to compliment its natural loveliness.

Here is another quick snapshot from earlier today after my trip into the woods to forage for more of natures free props.

Please note no trees were harmed in the making of our stall.

Right got to pack it all up now and do the finishing touches.  See you on Sunday, unless you are too far away to visit in which case I shall post a pic of the stall next week so you can have a nosey.

And then I’ll be planning two stalls for June!  Inspiration anyone??

Bye for now.


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