Petal Murals

Almost 2 years old and the Petals have branched out into wall murals - quite literally so it seems, as the themes so far have all included a tree, albeit very different trees. 

We are currently running an offer of £60 for a full wall - you can help us put together an up to date portfolio.

Normal price = £100 for one wall.  This includes a sketched design for your approval and up to two visits to complete the mural.  Full wall too much of a commitment?  How about a border trail across one wall for example a trail of pretty ballerina's or a flowered vine - price by arrangement per design.  If you would like something but are stuck for ideas don't worry we are bursting with them.

Take a look at our contemporary murals.  Click on each picture to enlarge.  For more detail go to the homepage of this blog and click on the label 'mural' to find the relevant post.

You can click on the pictures to view them in a larger format

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