Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tower Trip

Honesty going well isn't it?   I can't do it, it just isn't me, I have tried to write a few deadly honest blogs but that is the trouble, they are deadly boring!  I am nobody without my artistic license. 

So now I'm back, we visited Blackpool Tower and we had the best day we have ever had in our lives!!! Oh dear as I typed there was a flash of lightening and a big roll of thunder.  I do believe in God completely but am hoping the thunder is just a coincidence (maybe he is 'rolling' his eyes at me as I feel he often does).  Anyhoo all that being said if anyone is still with me I will attempt to walk the tightrope between interesting fact and outright fabrication. xxxx

So to the tower - I've lived relatively near Blackpool pretty much all of my life and have never been to the top of the Tower.  Since they put in the SkyWalk we've been saying we will go and then not doing.  Well no more I said, no more.  So off we went on Sunday in pouring rain, almost ready to turn back half way but just look:

Pretty Houses

We then headed down to this:

And took a few pics of silly quotes
This one made me laugh.
Here is the view from below

see the glass floor?
 The only negative comment I have is that it could do with a pollish, as it was a bit scuffed and scratched, I can see it being more of a leap of faith had it been properly transparent, clear as air.