Friday, 30 December 2011

UFO and Resolutions

I dont really buy into the whole new year thing - it isn't my bag.  However, I am on board the train when it comes to goal setting, this time I am going for achievable aims.  Here goes:-
Been hearing alot about UFO's in the craft world recently and I am reliably informed that these are 'UnFinished Objects' and I got to thinking that I have one or two of these, plus a couple of USP's 'UnStarted Projects' (those are the ones I have planned to do and never even started).  Ok I'm dragging my feet writing this rather than JUST GETTING ON WITH IT - how irritating - here is a quick list of UFO's and then off I go to finish a bunting, stack the dishwasher, load the washing machine, food shop and walk the dog, before getting on with project No. 1:

1.  Rag rug - I've chopped the material into strips, I have nicked some hessian from my sister, I have the bodger, I have seen a design I like - I have never done this before in my life........what was I thinking!?!

here is progress so far
I plan to have this finished by the end of next year (I know that's ages but I am being realistic, get off my case!)

2.  Paint a castle on my littlest petals bedroom wall - as I promised and as she has been telling lots of people I am going to do. (I give myself a month for this - as we are also still finishing eldest petals room and he will have to crash in her room for a day or three whilst carpets are laid etc)

3.  Finish eldest petals room (before Feb half term hols)

4.  Lastly - push push push the vets to fix my puppy who is still having tummy troubles, then we shall be able to lose the crate and give her free roam in the kitchen ........ I hope.

Not a massive list, all perfectly achieveable, wouldn't you say?!

Just to make me feel better here is something I did finally finish which had been bugging me for months, I promised to make my friends littlest a bunting for his room back in October, chequered flag style as he has a car themed room, it was a just a single layer thing sewn onto bias binding, nice and simple as I haven't done much sewing, anyhoo finished and delivered last week, here are a couple of pics, I'm fairly happy for a total novice.

Sorry not the best pics as I took them at night.

That's all for now better go and get started.