Saturday, 29 December 2012

This is Goodbye x

Sadly, from the end of this year (2012) Paint Pots and Petals will be no more. After almost 3 years, we have decided it is time to focus on family who have been taking rather a back seat of late.  It is a decision that has been building up for a while but up until now I haven’t been able to let go, now I feel the time is right, after discussing it with K she also felt that she wouldn’t like to carry on alone, so sadly the Petals are saying goodbye. 
In some ways I feel sad as we had just sorted our logo, and I do love our designs and the feeling when you handover an order and the customer adores it.  In other ways, however, I feel excited about the future and my time returning to me. 

So… I thought I would leave you with my  ‘top ten Petal times’. x

1.     Our first stall at Chorley market, we have come a long way since. Technically this pic is not our first stall but maybe our 3rd or 4th but this was one of the first pictures to be taken, too sick with nerves on the first stall.

2.     Being part of CCC – especially the dressing up.

3.       My best bunting which sold like wildfire.

4.     Being part of something bigger – Create

5.     Making lots of great crafty friends, a lot of which are in this pic, excluding Lindsay Hoyle – not that I have anything against him, he was a funny guy but not a ‘crafty friend’ (unless of course he knits in his spare time perhaps??!)

6.     Extreme knitting – fun day out, my tip for visiting craft shows, always have a glass or two of wine with your lunch. The blog all about this day out >>

7.     Another great day out – yes wine was involved again.
8.     The murals, such a relaxing time, I am still really proud of littlest petals room - that particular blog is here and proud of our time painting with our schools 
9.     After lots and lots of painting, it felt great re-discovering paper, in the form of papercutting 

10. This blog – I have loved blogging, although my blogs have recently been sparse, but it is lovely to receive comments and be able to look back at older posts and be reminded of forgotten moments in time.  Oops, I never finished this – loads to do and I gave myself to the end of this year – better get going again, perhaps I’ll give myself another year! 
Well there you have it, a snapshot of the last 3 years.  All that remains is for me to say……
Byezebye from Nik (and the Petals), hey that sounds like a retro band name, but nope I cannot sing. xx