Sunday, 5 June 2011

Fifties Fantastic

Before I start can I say, I have been unable to reply to comments on the blog, try though I might I keep going in circles, so sorry to Helen and Liz for not replying. x

We had a lovely day today, even though the weather turned on us once again... blast the unpredictable britishness of it!!

For those of you who didnt get to experience our little fifties fantasy first hand here are some pics for you to enjoy. x

I know the pic overlaps the rest of blog on right but for a one off thought it was nice to a have a big easy pic to look at.
We went with a tea-party theme this time, we also had a prize draw to give away the pretty tea set at the end of the day. Two very helpful young boys who came in to shelter from the rain blew the balloons up for us and got a sweetie for their effort (in the sugar bowl). A helpful little girl drew the winner at the end of the day. >>
Obviously to fit in with our retro tea-party theme, we HAD to dress up, K did our hair expertly and my pretty scarves finished our outfits to perfection.

This made us a tad late (oops).

Worth it? well we thought so. x

We hired the room upstairs this time, which involved much shifting of heavy chairs (left behind from a previous event), but helping out meant we had the chance to set up our stall the day before giving that extra needed time for make-up and accessorising (trust me the before shot was not particularly pretty, but then I do despise mornings, and they seem to feel similarly about me).
K having a good time, as she tends to do whatever she does, wish I knew her secret.
I managed not to over spend this time and only purchased one item which I NEEDED as my keys have been looking a little sad and lonely for months now.
Ok so since typing this last night I remember I also purchased 2 cute cards from Helen Pickup (Helen's blog) 

One last mention, poor While Charlie Sleeps who had a nasty arm break and was in a lovely pink cast, still managed the last two stalls, and took our glammed up pics above.  Here is her stall full of gorgeous bags, the Petals both have one natch:
While Charlie Sleeps Website

Bye for now. XxNikxX

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