Tuesday, 14 June 2011

In the words of Joey Tribbiani.....

‘London Baby!!’

This little Petal went to market, this little Petal went to London. x

We were given an offer we couldn't refuse.  K's sister let us stay in her beautiful flat (green! envy! - mostly at what looked like effortless style) a very short train journey from the city centre.

The children had never been and it was 31 December 1999 when we last visited (do you remember the millennium bug??)   Anyhoo THIS time the wheel was working so we just had to have a go.  Now, I love heights, or rather used to love heights, I went on rock climbing and abseiling trips at high school, I even climbed up a waterfall once, not a very big one admittedly and it really was a little pointless as those who chickened out could just walk up the hill to one side.  However, these days I'm having a problem.  I totally get the jitters, and that's just going up the stairs at Botany Bay!!  Well the sign inside the door on our 'pod' (I think that's what they're called) was not helpful at all.

Whatever do they mean?


What on earth would happen should you inadvertently do so?

However, that was less scary than the very inquisitive squirrel in St James's Park.
Yes, yes very cute I know. However...this railing it stood on was a short leap to face height for littlest Petal who is completely fearless and was getting really close to it, and lets admit as cute as they are, they ARE in the rodent family.

We tried to see as many sights as possible. We found Pudding Lane where the great fire started. We visited the Palace where HRH sometimes resides (we did see someone drive in a side entrance in a Bentley – I thought it looked rather like princess Anne with that 'updo’she usually sports) and we took pictures under as many monopoly road signs as possible.  Then we treated the little petals to tea at the Rainforest Cafe, where I am pleased to report the food was actually worth the cash, there were a gang of girls on the next table to us with no children but instead a pitcher full of some scrummy cocktail.  Rather nice idea I thought.
We also visited the crown jewels which were so amazing we went round the travelator 3 times, once to read the labels out to the kids, once to actually look at them ourselves and once to see if they looked the same from the back. When we went into the Jewel House, we were able to walk straight in, however, when we came out this was the queue.
I do wonder - was it luck?
Did we just time it right?
Or did that extra trip on the travelator cause a backup? Oops. ;-D

Lastly, I'm bit of a Harry Potter fan (a bit! tee hee ok rather a lot) and I reckon the Ministry of Magic cars were passing through when I took this shot. Look at the bottom of the Big Ben tower – how cool is that?
Anyway must dash.....I'm still on London speed.


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  1. Got to love a day out in London! I so glad I found you blog - you newest follower :o) Scarlett x