Thursday, 30 June 2011

Kirsty and Me

Over the past month every spare minute that I haven’t been at work/painting or just plain crashed out I have spent finishing jobs that I have been putting off for ages (such as sewing the neck of that teddy and putting straps on a little top for K’s petal). I’ve also been de-cluttering under the guise of puppy proofing to appease the hoarders (none of them ever read this, they hear enough of my musing). 
Our newest family member - due to come home in 3 weeks - eek!!
You see I am NOT a hoarder (I don’t think this is meant to go with the creative personality but I am what I am and carry on regardless).
I put the whole of yesterday aside to sort the conservatory (not quite there yet – I need a big old trunk like Harry Potter) and eldest Petals room which was so cluttered it was frankly overwhelming.  5 long hours and a tonne of recycling later and I was done.  My hubby noted last night that the house looked ‘Amazing’! (a capital A was implied) and quite right too!  With this in mind and the kids requesting to stay home for the day instead of having a day out (teacher strike-so they were off school) I had a rare and lovely day to do as I pleased.
I started with a short jog (it can only get better from here), when I say short I meant SHORT, but they say every little helps. Next was a lovely looong hot shower with no interruptions. I then sat down with my brekkie and watched Kirsty’s Homemade Home all the way through. I always watch and think ‘I want a homemade home’. However, I had a light-bulb moment a couple of days ago and walked around my house looking in Amazement (with a capital A of course) at all the ‘homemade and quirky treasured' items we actually had. I thought I would share a few of these with you (bear with me there are many and I got fed up of shuffling to blog appealingly).  
Best of the lot - curved shelves made by my own dear hubby
he is very handy.

Handmade shoe rack, by handy hubby again, the racks
in Argos are not big enough for mens shoes!!

dolly cot currently housing build a bear,
made by hubby and painted by me.x
pretty pencil drawings, hand painted letter and
one of our tooth fairy door hangers, plus a headband made by K
Net hammock made by my dad to hold teddies, surrounded by makes
of eldest Petal and his name garland from Paint Pots and Petals, also dinosaur
skull on the left (free with mag - plastic)

littlest petal cannot be held back and
has done some customising of her own.
lovely hat box next two two mini scrapbooks
and the picture frames are getting old but
we still love their style.

littlest petal moved into brothers room and
rather than change blink I decorated it.
old nursery chair - used to be my mums

cheap box I bought in my teens and still love
So today’s viewing of Kirsty and her handy hints was done with a rather self-satisfied air.  Although our homemade has come from a lack of funds rather than any eco-quest.
As the little petals had disappeared into an imaginary world in the newly tidied room, I had time for a spot of blog reading. 

beautiful batik painting by my v.talented sister, so delicious it still has no
permanent home, it needs putting on a canvas and framing.
Xx happy Nikki xX

Oo - One last thing - the five minute breathing - did not go well - kept forgetting, perhaps I would be better with 5 minutes daydreaming, I reckon I could do that! I reckon I do that!!


  1. I love, love, love your homemade home x

  2. Me too! Needs some more refining though. There are still the fabulous flat packs to modify. x