Friday, 3 June 2011

Monopoly Mayhem

Its the school hols again so just a very quick one I meant to post a while back. x

On one of the many bank holidays in April we bought monopoly, feeling that the littlest Petal might now be old enough to cope with the complicated rules....­­­ you know what’s coming next – the older little Petal got ALL the stations and built a plethora of hotels, the littlest Petal got Mayfair on her first turn – shortly followed by Park Lane.  Dad wiped out first and mum hung in there with £43 (or M43) I then put them to bed early to ensure I lasted another day.  A heavily developed Mayfair saw us both off in the end.   I had previously dubbed it sudden death corner and I turned out to be very very correct.

1 week later and they were still playing – this was the view of our dining table.

They tried to keep going until only one was left standing (with me playing referee) but had to admit defeat in the end and the final scores were M10965 and M7385 I’ll not say exactly who won, but safe to say they wiped the floor with the grown-ups!
I mention all this now as 2 days ago we started the quick version (there is now an extra dice and added rules to speed the game up) we're still playing and the grown-ups are once again faring badly – I had decided not to go easy on them this time, I’m not sure where I went wrong but somehow I am still losing.  Oh dear, perhaps we should go back to snap, I’m still pretty good at that.

Oo before I forget, we are at the Coach House again this Sunday, I shall be on  my own (eek) in the afternoon so please come and along and visit me.


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