Tuesday, 21 June 2011

5 minute challenge

So my sister has set me a challenge, not a very big challenge......or so it would seem. 

Just for 1 week I have to sit straight backed for 5 minutes and just breathe, focus on the breathing and relax, if my mind wanders? I am to try and re-focus on my breath.  I am to set a timer then I am not watching the clock.  Then next Sunday (last day of the challenge) she will be in touch to see how I've done, how I felt, did it help etc. etc.

Me, effortlessly breathing .... in the most amazing city I have ever visited. Venice. x
(thought it fitted the sentiment)

Today was the first time I did it, so that's:

Monday : fail  (fear not, I do not let these failures fester)

Tuesday : so I had a very manic morning, then an afternoon at work and my head was spinning when I arrived, my job has been fairly manic recently too however, today seem breezy and easy after my mad morning.  This evening I decided I would do my 15 minute yoga workout as I had a bit of free time handed to me from the other lovely Petal. However after a fruitless search for the DVD I gave in and decided that at least the breathing would be at least at start.

I sat straightish backed and closed my eyes...

then I remembered the timer (oops).

I set the timer and started again (it has a very annoying tick and I found myself wishing I had put it in the kitchen rather than right next to me on the floor) but to re-set it would mean starting all over again.

So I stayed, eyes closed, attempting to sit cross legged - is it just me or is this position very uncomfortable? After ooh probably half a minute my mind was wandering to why this was uncomfortable and wondering if maybe I should sit with my legs out straight - that hurt more so I put them back. Hands resting on knees.  Hands resting on thighs?  Hands on floor, aaaand back to knees. 

Just breathe.....

Another minute and it hit me!!  - there is a space underneath the drawers in the conservatory where I could stash some of the padded envelopes that make the computer desk look so unsightly.... ahem BREATHE.

breeeathe in, breeeeathe out.....

ping ping ping ping  - text message.  I wonder who it's from, oh that reminds me I was supposed to reply to mum....


Is my back straight? How am I supposed to know if I can't see a reflection?

breathe! breathe! breathe!!

....Wow that tick is really annoying, maybe I could just push it away a bit with my foot, it's not like I need to open my eyes or anything.

RIIING - Oh thank goodness for that, times up.

Perhaps it will go better tomorrow....


I leave you with one last picture of my favourite place in the world. Except of course for home.
Now that makes me feel relaxed.


  1. hehe, I did a meditation course once and it was very much like your internal conversation, i was meant to clear my mind but was impossible! Scarlett x

  2. Are we just victims of the 'you can have it all' propaganda? x

  3. Found your sweet blog today and wanted to say hi! hope you are keeping the stress levels down!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!