Saturday, 12 November 2011

Life -

It's all about the spin you put on it. I'm not trying to be profound, honest, but it's 1pm on a Saturday and I've only just stepped out of the shower. There's that nagging voice telling me I've wasted the morning (not Mr Petal). My sister tells me this voice is our 'achiever' speaking which pushes us too hard...unless we rebel.

So, here is my list of achievements this morning:-

ü  Had a lie in and a cuddle with my boy who woke feeling sick this morning.
ü  Made children brekkie, then took mine back to bed and updated PP&P accounts log (not a big undertaking).
ü  Had another little snooze
ü  Searched for my keys (a daily activity)
ü  Walked the dog (she’ll need another now of course)
ü  Had a second cup of tea and a biscuit (ok 3 biscuits)
ü  Had a quick chat with a friend on facebook and uploaded a few more PP&P pics
ü  Rang local bus interchange manager about advertising
ü  Debated with my daughter about the benefits of grapes over sweets (she ate both in the end so that’s 2 achievement ticks to her)
ü  Decided I needed new PJ’s especially if I plan to walk the dog in them
ü  Switched the washing machine on – must hang it all out soon I suppose.

And now I’m going to nurse my teensy hangover (more a lack of stamina than an excess of wine) with a lovely bowl of tomato soup and squishy bread.

All in all not a bad mornings work!


A few of our new additions to get me motivated
and in case you want a nosey and don't wish to access facebook


  1. I thought I'd left a comment here before.
    Well I think you achieve loads with small children, you manage to run a business, and blog, and walk the dog.....

  2. Said dog just cost me a fortune at the vets today! Bless her little furry paws. xx