Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dolly Daydream

K arranged our stall this time and I wasn’t allowed to see it until Sunday. V.exciting.  I knew the basics and had received a text earlier in the week to say she was dressing up as a doll and I was free to do likewise!  Luckily I had just the outfit ... as you do.
So eyeliner and out of date facepaint in-situ and off I tripped on Sunday morning to see our lovely stall, and lovely it was too don’t you think.
'What do you see?
You people gazing at me.
You see a doll on a music box that's wound by a key'  
(if only I knew how to add background music to our blog)

The winner of our theme competition was Lesley McGuire x

Several children asked was this my real hair as they coloured in dolls house pics and stuck pumpkins and bats to cards on the free craft table.  More to come next time (4 December, same time, same place).

The Coach House is a lovely canvas for our stalls and this time we were in the upper room which although a bit more of an effort for visitors to get to (via lift or spiral stairs) it is a gorgeous room and I feel more photogenic than the colder white walls downstairs. I could live very happily in a place like this (contented sigh). Anyway here are a few shots from the day, including my favourite stall which had to be Helen Pickup’s with her vibrant and eye catching items.

For more pics check out Chorley Contemporary Crafters blog, where there are also links to many of our stalls own websites.
One last thing before I go – I am pondering whether to buy littlest petal a dress in one of these fabrics but cannot decide, any thoughts?

With that I leave you with this link


  1. Ahhh, thanks for the mention, can't wait to see what you dress up like next time!x

  2. Ah now this is the thing, we have set a precedent and all await our next outfit, ooo the pressure, the anticipate, the tights!

    I already have a pair of green tights and it will be December perhaps Robin Hood? xx N