Tuesday, 2 August 2011

An Idyllic Life

It's Sunday afternoon, the kettle is boiling and while I wait I take a moment to look out into my garden.  It’s a view to warm the heart.  For a start, it isn’t raining – always a pleasant image.  The McDonalds we ate for lunch has been cleared (and the guilt cleared along with it).  Now Grandma and Nani are sat at the patio table, two small children (well smallish) are running around the lawn laughing and shouting, following at their heels is a very cute puppy who trips and stumbles in her excitement and attempts to keep up.  Grandad and Dad are stood admiring today’s handiwork (hubby is currently building a playhouse, not assembling, building - from scratch, as is his preference).  The garden is lush but not over-run with plants, in fact it is now looking established and well finished.  I really have married a very handy man. 
When the playhouse is complete I shall post pics but for now I am here feeling... oh what’s that elusive word?? Oh yes ‘contented’.
Bye for now.

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