Friday, 12 August 2011

Negative Nikki

I’ve been having a look back through my blogs and felt it was time for a bit of Paint Pots and Petals. Not much of our work in here so this blog is dedicated to the recent loveliness of our painted buntings and door hangers.

Lately, I feel our skills have improved
and I’m really proud of the quality of the work we are producing.  I have the personality type that tends to lean towards the negative and maybe this comes across at the stalls as K completely believes in us and the items we sell, she is so positive and people warm to that.
Me? I see my imperfect drawing skills, that bit where it doesn't quite look how it did in my head.  However, the majority of orders are through word of mouth, so I reckon all our customers believe in us. Possibly more than I do. Oops!  

Anyway, the other evening I was so chuffed when I dropped off a bunting (left) I’d done as a present for my neighbours new baby daughter yet still in the back of my mind was “will she really like it?” However, the very next morning she popped round and order a bunting for a friend.  The next day when I told K she said simply “yes we get that a lot”. 
This week all I have painted are repeat orders. So, I have decided, no more negative thoughts, listen to what others think and believe them they are NOT ‘just being kind’!!  I have taken a step back and had a proper look at what we've done recently and thought I would share a few pics of them with you.

this was a tough one to paint, but I'm pleased with how beautiful it looks
the pegs idea - we attached twine and voila a handy and v.pretty way to display your child's pictures

A jungle theme which took some thought but K really came up trumps with this one I loved the snakes as letters idea and the bright bold colours.

A present for a friend based on a mixture of previous buntings.

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