Thursday, 5 January 2012

UFO Progress

Thought I would keep an update on my UFO's here to keep me motivated and anyone else who has set UFO's let me know, always interested in what others have planned:

Phew its slow going, I've done another little patch the size of the paler pink since taking this photo.  More this evening.

Below are some terrible pics of the my chalky outlines sorry about the quality 
but this rotten weather means its really dull indoors and I was trying to keep the outline faint. 
Apologies for any eye strain cause (you can click on the picture to make it bigger). 

I'd seen a bird house print wallpaper in a John Lewis catalogue and thought I just must have something like that hanging from my tree.

The dotted swirl was a total fluke, my chalk stuttered but I was rather taken with the effect, go creative little me :-) (Littlest Petal told me at bedtime she doesnt like the dotted bits - well phoey, she's having em!!!!)

Added to the swirly branches some more, got a bit carried away but I'm pretty happy still.
Paints and brushes at the ready
and with Lollipop all worn out after our loooong rainy walk, I plonked her basket at the door (she was happy as upstairs is a no dog zone for the most part) and made the first incision (ok first brush stroke).
Once all the pink bits were done...
the tree was next on my list, the roots were a pretty easy choice as I daren't get to close to Hubby's perfect white glossed woodwork, though there is a lot of chalk dust there, (lets hope it doesn't mark).

Next up the scary part - swirls!

Swirls are easy with chalk or pen, but paint runs out every couple of inches and it can look a bit jagged.  The swirl on the left and right are trying out different brushes - left won, it was much..... swirlier.

Once I had started to swirl there was no stopping me......

eek grass, I really wanted a nice tidy green line as I'm not filling the hills in - it wasnt so tidy!
That bit was promising but then the dog woke up and kept nudging me and tickling my feet!
I plan to disguise the raggedy edge with some magnolia liney bits. 
Very technical aren't I?!

That was yesterday, today I am hoping to finish off, with flowers (below) on the hills, leaves in the trees and turrets on the castle.  The little petals want to help so I shall let them fill in the leaves and littlest wants to do the castle door.
Update coming soon. x



  1. Looks great, glad to see you're getting stuck into your UFO's! x

  2. More to follow soon. xx Thanks for your encouragement all.

  3. Very creative! Can't wait to see the finished result :)

  4. 3 out of 4 in one day! wow! very well done :-)

  5. P.S. I see that you have been using that ghastly striped pillow case fabric in the rag rug..... if you need anymore ghastly, yucky fabric let me know, i have lots...
    hoarding fabric for years does that - you look at it and say
    "what WAS I thinking????"