Thursday, 5 January 2012

Spring has arrived!

Well ok it has arrived in UFO land

 Little petals are painting in the leaves after school

 The cat, I wanted a Meg and Mog style cat
(although a little less eek as Mog so rightly looks perched on Megs broom)
it was ok up to here, but then I added dark pink stripes
and it will HAVE to be redone, me no likey.
 The owl relocated to a higher branch for safety.
 The castle is coming on,
can't do the door as littlest Petal has reserved the rights.
 I decided not to outline in black as it can make or break a picture and I rather thought break would be the case here, so I went for the same colour as the tree and I'm rather chuffed with my choice.
 After school and we crack on, I have to say she was rather good. 
I love this pic as is shows the scale, I hadnt noticed how the earlier pics don't highlight this.

 Castle is almost there now, just needs some light reflections and detail on the door and flags, plus a few more windows and perhaps a damsel in the tower?

 I want to do a fairy but I struggle with faces and bodies, I have been trawling through some of littlest's library books which have some fantastic sketches/artwork in them.  Fairy Bears are amazing, but not really something I am up to recreating.  I love the butterflies here (on an ancient T-shirt of mine) the swirly theme fits but I only want their wings.
This is my sketchy idea, I can swirly it up once on the wall.

One last thing in case any dog lovers are reading.  No 4. on my list I think - Puppypie has visited the vet and is now on a 21 day course of antibiotics I am several £££ lighter and hoping this will sort her tummy out once and for all - here's to the 15 following years in good health.

Keep reading. xxx


  1. Lucky little petals. What a great job.
    On the doggie yours insured? We haven't sorted any out yet and can't decide. Vet is very expensive isn't it but so is insurance!

  2. Love it! LOVE IT!!!!!
    Reflections????? can you teach me please? am okish on shading but i can only do a reflection on an apple.... for shame and i say i can draw.....
    Great job - cant wait to see the end result. How lovely that the children have had a hand in it too.

  3. You've certainly been hiding your talents under a bushell, I'm really amazed at your creativity. Love Liz x

  4. x Yes Lollipop is insured thank goodness. Little Petal JUST LOVES IT MUMMY - yay I'm very pleased. More to do at the weekend though.
    x Reflections - I'm going to have a stab at it and then ask K to sort it out for me if I mess up.
    x Thanks Liz, lovely to hear from you, hope you're all well, Corky included.