Saturday, 14 January 2012

An afternoon with Bradley Cooper

REALLY hard to find a good pic,
I think I find actors who are gorgeous but
not photogenic attractive
(Orlando Bloom is another example)
I share the same gene! ;-D
Aha I knew that would get your attention.  Ok so Brad didnt pop round ours for a coffee and a chinwag but I did watch All About Steve have you ever seen that film? It’s fab.  Sandra Bullock is excellent as always and good old Bradley.....yummy.  I love the bit where she accidentally hoicks him from the media scaffolding by his camera cord, laugh out loud funny.  Having said that Thomas Haden Church completely steals the show as the fabulously shallow newsman Hartman Hughes. 

Anyhoo!!!!  I decided I would have an afternoon off on Thursday, as I'd completed littlest Petals room that morning, plus I had to be at work by 8am Friday L and on Wednesday I'd cleaned the house top to bottom.  It has been rather neglected since I started painting the wall, when done I felt positively buoyant (when I say buoyant I am of course playing it down, I was more ‘giddy with happiness’.  I know it is so sad that housework can make me feel that good.)  Also on Thursday morning I was walking Lollipop in the park by 9.30am. 

So with jobs all done and puppy at my feet (feeling very sorry for herself at the mo), I watched Death at a Funeral (which was better than expected) and then All About Steve.

Enough blather about my week. As promised here are the final piccies – I admit I’m feeling rather proud.
  stepping away now

See the birdies - the lovely
picked these up from our craft day out and they work fantastically well
on a bit of fishing line
 These are the making fairies, tried to keep it simple but still not keen on the yellow dress,
I would do it differently if I had to do it again,
but I'm rather chuffed with the cotton reels on her knee detail.

/\ reminder to self

  I can’t take credit for the face of the tiny fairy on the right 
I was inspired by the gorjuss girl ( and Super Cute Tilly hope she doesn't mind
I made some single thinkness bunting a while ago
and thought it may as well be seen so it's now blue tacked! to her wall
(this is the sum total of my skills on a sewing maching)
Think the cot Mr Petal made now needs a bit of a touch up,
looking a bit grubby, very talented tho isnt he? and my lovely big sis
made the tiny patchwork quilt and pillow using some shapes
I cut out for mum when I was little. Does this now count as vintage?
My Mum also knitted the little pink blanket. Totally homemade stuff. x

Better get on with the rag rug now.



  1. You are so productive! I know what you mean about giddy with happiness when the housework is done..I don't get that feeling very often!

  2. Thanks Jackie and same to you. Your blog keeps me going. The giddiness has gone now and the mess has returned but then it has been 3 days! x

  3. I Kept looking at the first 4 pics and wondering how many times you had painted/re-painted the birds and why did you keep moving them????
    Had to laugh when i realised they weren't painted but hanging from the ceiling and hence they WERE actually moving! LOL
    Great job done - looks wonderful.

  4. Aw that's rather funny. xx I did say they are on fishing wire. You'll have to come and see it in the flesh soon. Although K says the photo's do it justice but then you see the birds, they are cleverly simple.