Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nearly there but not quite

chalked a twirly Fairy

Removed a rotten branch

Completed the Castle

Bunted the battlements

Flew the flags
(littlest petal decorated two herself and instructed me on the third)

Finished the Fairy
although littlest petal insists she needs a mouth - K - Not a word!

Calmed the cat
(much better in paler pink)
Ornamented the owl
(it was the only vaguely fitting O word I could think of OK)

Built the birdhouse

A few more twiddles and I think I'm there:-
  • A fairy is to be sat in the tree making ...fairy outfits I think it was.
  • The bird house has a line missing
  • Some fairies are to be having lemonade under the arch.
  • And we need to hang some birds from the ceiling using fishing line.
  • Plus the rotten branch is still showing! grr.
Got to get it finished as we are onto Larger Little Petals room next weekend though nothing so silly for him just simple repainting, in black and silver! Actually looks classy so far - if you can believe it. Just second coats to do and a few shelves.

I promise to take full wall pics for next time.
Chat soon.



  1. Love it! esp the bunting on the battlements, lol.
    I cant find the missing line on the bird house????
    Tell J that auntie M says that fairies like to do patchwork. It will be easier to paint squares for a mini quilt..... unless the said fairy is making a swirly skirt which may be easy to.
    Glad the fairies drink lemonade - the natural variety of course - its better for them than Red Bull! or was that an angel?

  2. I have painted the making fairy and I'm not happy. Will HAVE to change her!!