Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bloggers block....

Or rather, too much to say. 

I planned not to update the blog too often and as a result interesting things have come and gone without a mention.  I have decided this time I shall jot down the many thoughts currently vying for space in my head, add pics if I have them and see where this takes me – here goes:

Paint Pots & Petal’s our ‘hobby wot pays’ is nearly one year old – we HAVE to decide how to celebrate this.  In the meantime here are 3 of my fave designs from our first year.

I can’t definitely say they are THE top 3 as I am fickle and change my mind often (see I've even uploaded 4 as I cannot choose), plus my absolute fave would be the cupcake stand design by Kel of which we have one very bad photo. 

I am trying out lots of NEW THINGS recently. I had never worked behind a bar but it seems everyone else has done bar work at some point, so I decided I was going to have a go and volunteered a couple of nights at the Chorley Little Theatre a few weeks back, I loved it.  I was rubbish at getting pints of lager right but I reckon I was on the button with the banter.

I also used a SEWING MACHINE for the first time, ok so I only did straight lines attaching fused plastic bunting flags with Chorley Contemporary Crafters (  but I found it rather relaxing.  I’ve asked my lovely mum to give me some lessons on her old faithful and we start next week.  I now have plans zooming around in my head for special makes perhaps aprons, simple little bags for holding pens, clips, small toys etc to be hung in the children's rooms, I’ll start with some bunting for the summer first as this feels as if it will be a simple project and then, watch this space.....

Speaking of rooms - my darling son was ordered upstairs this morning to TIDY his ROOM – he is a hoarder  and I can easily use up 2 hours having a ‘quick’ clear out – but today he was to do it himself – I was so impressed with the result on one side that I took a commemorative pic.

Frugalness / frugality? BEING FRUGAL I have also been asked to do a scrapbook workshop at one of the craft meet ups – eek.  Thing is, I don’t really have all the gadgets, I do tend to be frugal when it comes to crafting, ok so there are the occasions where I leave the shop with too many goodies when all I went in for was a new 30p craft blade.  But there is no die-cut machine, embossing tool or digital assistance, I wonder what the ladies will make of my dig out your scissors and cut round this pan lid style.  Hayho I plan to distract them with this delicious box my sister gave me to store all my lovely stamps etc in (hmm I do seem to have quite a few stamps)!   
Having said all that I think you can overspend on a homemade something and while yes it will look lovely I always feel like it has cancelled out its purpose by costing too much to create – isn’t it enough to have cost a lot of time? 

Scrapbooking is meant to be just that – made of scraps and memories brought back from wherever you have been.

So can I make an apron without purchasing new material?  Can I do a workshop and keep everyone interested with no gadgets to wow with?  Can my son keep his room tidy for the entire weekend, can my daughter do the same even thought I can hear her now at her little desk dreaming up some crafty creation with her very own stash? 

Let us not hold our breath......... x


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  1. wow! I think that was 5 posts in one, lol. Love the new look of your blog esp your new banner. Finally worked out how to subscribe and put you're blog onto my reader, yaaay!
    Lots of love