Monday, 21 February 2011

Chorley Rocks

A Fair Day ?........ if you don’t count the weather!
The wind howled, the rain swept across the park, puddles flanked the building – just the kind of day you decide to stay indoors right?? Apparently not for Chorley peoples (and surrounding areas of course).  The Coach House, in Astley Park was full of visitors on Sunday 6 February (for The Arts and Craft Fair).  There was bustle and chatter, we didn’t even have background music but there was no library feel to the rooms.  There was even, on occasion, a little bit of jostling to get to the stalls!! – not that I advocate such behaviour...yay.  I was a tad red faced now and then - as I always am when under a bit of pressure, and I didn’t even recognise my own sister and niece when they popped in to see us (though admittedly this could be because I refuse to wear glasses).
I reckon Cafe Ambio staff had sore feet after lots of shoppers went for a quick tea break before braving the outdoors once again.  Made me proud to live in Chorley (gush gush, I know, but then if the weather can gush all over the place why can’t I?)
So I’d just like to say Hooray for Chorley and its residents.  Oooo’s & Xxx’s  to you all.
Here are a few pics from the day.
<< Me n Kel on our stall.

One of my fave stalls was – B. E. A. U. tiful items right opposite us, who did that?! I didnt get any pictures so you'll need to have a look at her blogJ  There was so much to see and so many talents me and K never spent any time on our stall together, as soon as one of us came back to man the stall the other legged it for a mooch around and a little spend ... spend spend. 

Then yesterday the Chorley Contemporary Crafters who organised the Craft Fair had their second meet up.  Where I met a lovely lady who does the designs for cards (she’s even had a design sold in M&S).  My fave part of our chat was when I discovered she had had some of her designs purchased and transferred onto clear acrylic stamps for scrapbooking, she is my new idol!!  Find her blog at

On that note, I have one bunting to do this week then I'm having a break  - think I may do a bit of scrapbooking.  



  1. Lol, thank you for the mention ( if you can read this, if you can't, GET SOME SPECS, lol). So sad that I can't make these meet up' many jobs at the mo.....she sounds like a lovely lady and it would have been lovely to meet her. Hope to try and get to the next one (fingers crossed) Nic ♥

  2. Thankyou for the mention, it was lovely to meet you too, Love all your stuff. Everybody was really welcoming, I'm looking forward to the next meet up! Idol! I don't think i've ever been called that

  3. Thanks for that Supercutie x flamin cheek!! (and yes my nose is almost pressed to the screen) whine - 'the writing is so small and my energy saver bulbs are so dull'.

    Ok Helen maybe I got a wee bit caught up in the moment with 'idol' but I was v. impressed with your designs and the stamps? - soo cool.