Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Hobby Gone Wrong!

How we began. The Story.
So my friend says... ..
‘I’m thinking of making a present for my new niece.  I’ve found these shapes on the internet and I’m going to paint them and make them into bunting with her name on it’.
‘Ooh that sounds lovely’  I say.
We order the shapes, she paints them (with pictures of little mice and cheese on them as her tiny niece has already acquired the nickname ‘Mouse’) and delivers the bunting.  Her sister in law loves it and asks where did she buy it! Mmmm....., we could be on to something here.
A couple more babies are born..... well what else could we do? 
Someone spots a bunting Kellie has done and asks can we do one for their bundle of joy. 
I decide I’d like to paint one for each of my children, you know, just to see if I can.  I show them to Kellie whilst having a cuppa at another friends house.  We could make them and sell them.  We order more shapes, nip to the market and purchase ribbon and decide to make a few samples.
A week or two later and our cuppa friend calls me and commissions our first order!! Exciting.
Before we know it, Kellie has taken them on her weekly pram walk , toddler group etc, my husband has nipped into work with them too and we have an A4 piece of paper stuck to the fridge with a list of names!
9 months later (fitting for a yummy mummy business I feel) and here we are tidying up our paperwork (it’s a scary job, I always thought I was organised), reading up on tax returns, updating our website and keeping a blog, plus planning our stall for the next Arts and Craft Fair ~~only 2 weeks away – eek!!~~
Sunday 6th February 2011 at The Coach House, next to cafe Ambio in
Astley Park, Chorley, Lancashire. 
(ooh I think that was also my first ever plug J.... does it count as a plug when on a blog?)
Here is a sneak peek at one or two of the items we will be selling
In The Pink Trinket Boxes - with solid colour and our new shabby chic look. x

We are also testing out a few new products, no pics yet, we'd love you to stop by our stall and let us know what you think.

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