Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Chocolate and Camper Vans

Its the Easter Hols and considering we have been rudely interrupted by tonsillitis we've still managed to have a couple of pleasant days out.  A lovely day spent at Haigh Hall with a gaggle of children + dog.  A trip to the park for me and my girl, where we conquered the maze but completely sucked at crazy golf - as we always do.  Then yesterday as my poorly boy started to improve we visited the Ramsbottom Annual Chocolate Festival. 

There was plenty of inspiration for our next stall at 'The Picnic in the Park' see pic for details.
follow this long link to see more details of the whole event in the Smile Magazine pages 10 and 11

My favourite stall at the Choccie Festival (if you could call it just a stall) was a pretty pink VW camper van wrapped in floral bunting (very now) inside they had covered sections of furniture with the same fabric and the lady serving drinks had a matching apron, plus the table was filled with a variety of cute teapots and delicious cakes. How gorgeous is that?!
Totally inspired.
Me in green top purchasing a tasty hot chocolate and gushing like one might over Brad Pitt

I had a great idea for something a bit different for our stall -  I planned to lay it out like a picnic (or a tea party) as we will be at a picnic, however, I've had a trial run on my dining table and though it looked pretty, it was a bit confusing as to what product was on sale so its back to dreaming up something new, I'd still like something unique so our stall stands out.  Hmm!   Here's a pic anyway. 

You must pop into our marquee on the day of the picnic and have a nosy at what we've come up with.


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