Saturday, 14 July 2012

Honesty, Pink and Grey

I have changed the background colour of the blog as I love pink but it can irritate me after a while.  Thought I would change it to my other fave colour - turquiose - didn't work.  Therefore I have opted for a soft grey - this appears to be my fall back colour I own rather a lot of grey clothes and they suit me too, I feel pretty happy in grey  and you can throw on a bright scarf/beads/shoes and voila - chic but my humble opinion.  (NB. nothing to do with this 50 shades thing going on at the mo, as with music I am completely behind the times on this one).

I never keep up to date with blog reading and also dont see that I should.  I read blogs as and when the mood takes me.  I have a favourite blog and I clicked the link today to catch up, only to find that in April (I know, behind the times again - but it's ok, in the words of Cap'n Jack Sparrow 'I'm good wiv it') the lady who writes it got ill, shut up shop and moved, losing her BFF along the way.  It was a very honest post and though very sad, it felt refreshing to read such honesty - sorry to all my fellow bloggers and maybe you disagree but I find my blog - flowers things up, picks out the good bits and presents a lovely picture to the world (or the handful who read me), but that was the lovely thing about this lady's blog, she didnt flower it up, she was funny but honest I was obviously well jel of the gorgeous shop but she presented the reality not the fantasy, it was definitely the well earned product of lots of hard work!

So from this day forth I am going to attempt to be HONEST, tell how hard it is, say when I am uninspired, show the feelings of uncertainty and wibbles in confidence, when all I want to do is quit and go back to bed, I usually like my finished articles but someone else is always better, someone else is really living the dream, why is life always a trade off? why is there so little time? why do I always! smudge the ink? 'why oh why Mr Anderson?'  (Agent Smith - The Matrix) apologies I watch a lot of films - more escapism??!  Although I suppose Pirates of the Scabby Bean and The Matrix aren't exactly a flowery view of life.

Anyhoo it is the craft meet up next weekend, so catch me there.

Nik x


  1. This brought a tear, thank you. And for the record I love yours too. Very best wishes. xx

  2. I'm quite a private person, but I think I make it pretty clear that I am not super organised creative beautiful homed blogger of the year. I guess there's a happy medium to be had!

  3. The way I see it is like this
    Life has a lot of shitty bits to it, tough, rough and stressful and whilst I dont mind a little 'honesty' as you put it too much gets me down.
    For instance - there is a blog of a lady with ME (like myself) but rather than upbuilding and sympathising with her, i end up frustrated and fed up and wishing she would STOP using her blog to ruminate and 'mind-blend' (word used by people with ME to describe the constant mind chatter that they are more prone to than most people and end up even more mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted than they were)
    To me a blog is a CELEBRATION of the GOOD stuff - no one has a perfect life but when blogging each or every few days; you find that you are looking out for photo opportunities and snapping that pretty 'weed' flower on the kerbside, that colourful patch of garden or a couple of pretty pebbles that just fell together in an artistic pattern.
    When we write about the good things that happen to us and things we do - we not only appreciate having had the fortune to take part but also next time an opportunity presents itself we do our best to go out and grab it!
    We end up living in the PRESENT more and that is calming and healing for our bodies and we also feel more love and appreciation for our life and in turn pass this onto others.
    They say misery loves company and we do all enjoy a good moan (justifiably at times) but then that just sets our listener off moaning too - isnt it much better to share the good times and upbuild one another?
    I just LOVE seeing a couple of pics and few words on a blog rather than scroll thru acres of type.
    Anyhoo - lecture over - didnt mean to lecture really as you usually write good stuff.
    I am doing a daily ( almost daily - i confess) Gratitudes list - little things i am thankful for in my life - am up to 30 a day now and tho i could beat myself up for not doing it everyday - i dont. We need to be kind to ourselves and love ourselves too - dont you find that as women we often 'give' to everyone else with little time for ourself? We need to replenish our own cup from time to time so that when the shitty things happen we can cope with them better.
    But please remember that I LOVE YOU LOADS!!!
    lots of love Millymollym