Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Petal Pandemonium

I have so many unwritten blogs swirling around in my head, if I get one out perhaps I could find my keys!

It has been rather busy of late.  Last week we had two murals to paint, these are now done and the finished walls were splashed all over facebook.  Here are a few piccies for our other crafty friends:

The canvas was the inspiration, and elements such as the stripes on the car
and the stars are detailed within the finished wall. which in designer speak
'pulls the whole room together'.
I love this train, so much detail unfortunately our cameras have missed this

Next up the Fairy Castle (that bed on the right is actually bunk beds (just to give you an idea of the size)

a selection of fairies

rabbits were requested as their tails are so delish.

The girls whos' room it is have a toadstool house each.  I only added 'N'
to two of the fairies - they can decide for themselves which fairy they are.

Right now we have several buntings to finish also ordered last week, eek it is scarey to be popular, but at least it takes my mind away from my household appliance chaos - the ice in the sink from the over frosted fridge (which widdles on the floor when it's feeling frosty) and the washer which pops the electric for the house if we dare to use it, and don't even get me started on the Dyson!

PS the blog is also having a glitchy moment, so I'll say adieu.



  1. I love the bunnies tails, so cute. Clever you.

    1. Thanks ever so much, the little girl liked them too - she was only 4 but bunnies with tails was a must!