Monday, 29 October 2012

Long time no see

Why hasn’t it been a long time!! We have been silly busy recently and blogging has had to take a back seat, as you may have seen from my last post, we have been involved in the opening of a beautiful craft emporium (in Astley Park, Chorley) its aim is to be a place where young and old can call in and create something unique, we are only around until the end of December but it has been a great experience so far... here is an inside view:

The petals have been busy dreaming up new additions to their collection:

Also our wall mural is settling in nicely – we left a bit to finish during the grand opening but have never gotten around to actually painting the last bit in. One day maybe.
If you are local please feel free to pop in and see us, we are only around until Christmas then we vanish back to the mystical world of online shopping......



  1. Thanks for calling by at mine today [don't worry I am wearing a mask :-) ]. I'm pretty washed out and greatly lacking energy but have really enjoyed a morning of blog's better than reading magazines. I love your set up there and really wish I lived closer so I could drop in [when I'm better of course].
    A x

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  3. ooo are you from the Bean and Brush family art cafe, been meaning to pop in for at least a year now and never got around to it. Business took over somewhat. But now .... we have more time :-D so hope to see you soon.