Monday, 2 April 2012

Busy bee

We have been busy in the sun, but now it’s gone I’m online again.  Last week we donated paints and assisted a local Year 6 class in painting a mural for their school – here are a few pics of the process.

speeding bike, all pics were set around an eco theme

fabulous arty ducks and giant snail

the finished wall and the one above of us just to give some
perspective of it's size

 I have been neglecting the blog here recently but I am still moonlighting over at Chorley Contemporary Crafters – please go and have a looksee

And last but in no way least I have been adding pages to both blogs and making them all pretty.  More to do with PP&P blog but for now I’m off to shop then think of something fun to do with the kiddies in the holidays before they grow up and wish to be my pal no more!   While I’m away please have a look at the new pages and see what you think.


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