Saturday, 25 February 2012

Monkeying Around

I was going to do a slow reveal over several blogs but I'm just too excited.  Here are a few pics of the lovely mural we painted (mostly K) a friends new workshop.  I can now reveal our beautiful mural - in stages of course - for your enjoyment etc etc.  Bear with me I'm not having a particularly eloquent day today.

She's so cute
look closely - here we are.
I love this shot (taken on my phone!) it looks so 3D

The big picture
 Next up come the action shots............
Soo obviously just posing at a finished wall. x

We want these ones xx
If nothing else let there always be silliness xxx
That's your lot for now, I shall show you the progress shots next when I get the chance to download from K's phone.  Then next Wednesday we start on another jungle wall in a nursery - no trees planned for that one though. 
Watch this space.

We are still offering a discount on the first few mural bookings £60 until we have completed
6 bookings
(normal price of £100 for a mural similar to the one pictured) We are offering our murals to Chorley and surrounding areas so if you are local and would like to have one of our gorgeous paintings adorning one of your rooms, get in touch via our facebook page or the email address attached to this blog.


  1. Wow - i love the tree and the rope especially amazingly painted.
    What is it hiding in the leaves at the right hand bottom corner?
    Love how that grey jumper i once fit into gets out so much. Looks so much better on you.

  2. It's a blue and red lizard of course, what elese ;-)

  3. The mural looks brill, Well done! x

  4. Brilliant! AND you had fun! Even better :-)
    I need to read more to find out where the monkeys are made/from and how they link to the murals.
    Your child's bedroom mural is so cute too with lots of detail on the leaves etc
    My favourite part of this monkey mural is the pink monkey hugging the tree :-)

  5. Great work! AND you had fun doing it, which is even better!
    My favourite bit of this mural is the pink monkey - very cute. There's loads to look at so the kids must love it.
    Good luck with this which looks like it's a new venture.

  6. guess who thought the first comment hadn't published properly?!! :-)

  7. Thanks very much Diane. Re: duplicate comments - I have nightmares too with comments here and facebook - technology doesn't like me. Either that or it's our dodgy broadband speed ~(snails pace).