Saturday, 6 November 2010


Well the Art and Craft Fair (at the Coach House in Astley Park) was a splendid success, all the stalls looked fab and the room was really busy, I have to shout a big WELL DONE to the lovely Sarah who organised the event. (check out her blog - )  

A must see (on the left)

Thank you to all the friends and family, school yard mums/chums who came along and showed us their support.   It was a very busy day and it flew by, we met lots of other fellow crafters and it looks set to be an event we will repeat.

Our pretty stall (which always ends up pretty messy at the end of each day)

Feel good fabric bunting £15-20 depending on detail
We were also selling some absolutely gorgeous (and beautifully made) fabric bunting for a pram walk friend which attracted lots of attention and made our stall very vibrant giving it a real seasonal feel.  The buntings also went nicely with our latest seasonal additions:
 Stockings, Reindeers and Bells painted with love by Kellie.
Also this month we had a stall at the Chorley farmers market as usual (3rd Thursday of every month @ 9am – 2.30pm) and I just couldn’t resist including this pic of Kellie and her new promotional idea (the outfit attracted quite a bit of attention.... OK so really she’d been to a sponsored toddle that morning to raise money for Barnardo’s.  The toddlers and mums all loved it and each received a medal for their efforts – arrr ;-)



  1. OOOh I am your first I win a prize ; )

  2. Yes if you like name your price....I can host the first crafters gathering - does that count as a prize? Trying out a new colour, I didnt like the white background it didnt really make the pics pop. What do you think?

  3. Nice background...I think it is the same as the one I started for Pooky's Adventures (now on the backburner).
    Sorry I only just saw your offer to host the first meet up after I have just booked the community centre.
    Oh well as least you won't have to clear up all the mess...looking forward to the 15th...hope you will be there with your iron x